Scottish Jewelry

Scottish Jewelry

Scottish Jewelry - Scottish Saltire



Artisan-crafted Scottish Jewelry designs inspired by traditional Scottish motifs and Celtic design. Scottish Thistles and Luckenbooth pendants, earrings, and more!


A great selection of Scottish jewelry inspired by traditional Scottish motifs such as the ‘Flower of Scotland’ the thistle. The thistle was adopted over 700 years ago as an emblem of Scotland. It was used by early kings of Scotland as their personal heraldic crest. According to legend the thistle was responsible for signalling a group of Scotsmen against a gang of approaching bare-footed Norsemen.


The Luckenbooth is another traditional symbol. The Luckenbooth Brooch was so called because it was sold from the ‘locked booths’ on the Royal Mile adjacent to St. Giles Cathedral in Edinburgh, Scotland, in the early 1700’s. Traditionally, it was exchanged between lovers on betrothal. The intertwining hearts on the brooch are evidence of it’s purpose, and a surmonting crown is symbolic of Mary Queen of Scots. We also offer a fine array of Celtic Knotwork jewelry made in Scotland.


A Fine Collection of Scottish Jewelry